AS & A2 Results 2015

text A level

Year 13 students at Bentley Wood High school are celebrating again this year with over a
fifth of their A2 Level results an A or A* grade. 

Shereen & Kayathrie web


One A* and three A’s 

She has a confirmed place at Cambridge University

Headteacher, Janice Howkins said 

‘We are of course extremely proud of all our Year 12 and 13 students but this year I would particularly like to recognise the outstanding achievement of the many students who achieved an A* in their A2 exams.  

The hard work and commitment in achieving this grade is incredible and certainly worthy of a special congratulations. 

This reflects a very special and close relationship between students and staff at Bentley Wood.’

Shereen web

Shereen, Head Girl

Three A*’s and one A

She will be studying mathematics at Warwick University

Ma'Sumsa web


Two A*’s and one A

She will be studying English Literature at Readng University

AS Results A level   (A2) Results
AS Level %A-B %A-C %A-E   A2 %A-B %A-C %A-E
2015 33 56 86   2015 44 72 99
2014 41 66 93   2014 50 86 100
2013 33 54 86   2013 42 74 99