and how to use them best!



You should select a short audio or video clip from the Internet. Play the clip at least three times and write a brief summary in French (it needn’t be any longer than 50 words) with a vocabulary list of at least 10 words. These could be key words or they could be words that are new to you and had to be looked up.

It is easier to start with short news bulletins. Video clips are ideal as they are easier to understand. Start with shorter clips and then when you feel ready, you could choose a radio programme from the Radio station websites listed below.

French News

Choose from a wide variety of News videos.

Watch today’s news from the TV channel TF1 (not easy, but if you already know what the main stories are…)

French TV channel websites:

Many sites will block content from the UK. Log on instead to TV5 where you can access a number of videos is an free resource. It includes excerpts of news programmes and documentaries and covers a huge range of topics. has an excellent selection of videos which include newsreels, advertisements, and songs. They have transcripts for you to download and the videos are all accompanied by online exercises. A very useful website.

For celebrity gossip....

French Radio on-line

This is an excellent website that allows you to access seven radio stations and listen live or download podcasts. There are a number of videos on the site too.


Select an article which interests you, read it carefully and select at least 10 new pieces of vocabulary to look up. The choice of topic area is limitless. The temptation may be to pick an article on fashion, but you should avoid doing this every week as they are not so easy to understand. It is a good idea to vary the topic area and to choose articles related to the syllabus topics so that you encounter a variety of vocabulary.

The major national newspapers can all be read online:

World news can be read on

It is also worth looking at which is a resume of news articles aimed at French children (and therefore might be more accessible to AS students)

The following magazines are also worth looking at: (for sport)



You can download the Task Magic 3 play home software to play a variety of grammar games for all tenses.

Self-correcting gap fill exercises for all tenses.






  1. Revise the GCSE Topic Vocabulary and the Verbs list.
  2. Revise all your GCSE grammar topics to refresh your memory.
  3. Read the background notes about the history, geography and culture of France.
  4. Use language based websites to practice your grammar and language skills.
  5. Look at on-line French magazines or newspapers. Watch French TV or films; listen
    to French radio or songs on-line.


Web-sites you may find useful during your A/S and A2 Studies

Reading some of this newspaper will improve your French comprehension and widen your knowledge of France. The French is fairly dense and difficult sometimes, especially if you are still at A/S level but try skimming the front-page stories once or twice a week. You will recognise some of the international stories e.g. about the Middle East or the S.E. Asia tsunami disaster which will help you understand the gist of what you are reading. You may also search the archives to help you with a course-work topic or presentation.

This is great fun! You can read all the gossip 'sur les stars'. Some stars are only popular in France so you may not recognise them but others, for instance Kylie Minogue et Olivier Martinez you will have heard about. Interesting gossip to improve your French!

This also has news about the stars but also film reviews and cookery. All quite short pieces, which are easy to follow even if you don't understand every word.

Go into the A level section. Here you will find some exam practice, some past papers and some news videos to give you all the latest headlines.

If you are interested in film and cinema this is the site for you. There is also lots of up-to-date and colloquial French to pick up here. (But use it withcare!)

This is an excellent new site about the recently opened and amazing bridge over the river Tarn near Millau. Look at the Viaduc en Images sections with the most interesting photos and descriptions in French, read about l'homme araignée (Spiderman) who climbed it and the visitors from their twin town in England and what they thought about it (in perfect French!)