Health & Social Care – BTEC

Unit 12 Public Health stretch and challenge information


There is really good website that has been developed by public health specialists in the UK and which is now managed by PHAST.

It covers everything to do with public health and is reliable.  The website has courses and modules which may be a bit advanced but will have lots of information that can be used for Public health unit.

I would specifically point you to the training tab and the section on policy and strategy development, as there is a good presentation that will help to inform you on the development of health policy.

A local Joint Strategic Needs Assessment which gives a snap shot of some of the local health and wellbeing issues in Harrow and Harrow annual public health reports have covered a number of topics (2013 Physical Activity; 2014 50 years of public health including CHD, sexual health, tobacco control, and TB

But for a broader look at England, you could look at some of the reports on the PHE website.  They have a whole range of topics and often maps across England and interactive web tools where you can select indicators and map them.  The section on comparisons of practice and performance is good as the different tools show how you can compare data in different ways – maps, “tartan rugs”, Spine charts etc. rather than simple bar charts.

In terms of promotion and prevention, you can check out the PHE website too.  This link to the introduction to the health and wellbeing directorate gives a good overview of the work of the team and the ethos behind it

The campaign resource centre has recent national campaigns – you will be able to see the posters, leaflets and videos produced for the campaigns.


Local public health team:

Barnet and Harrow Public Health Team

Harrow Council, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XY