CERN TRIP Saturday 16th April


  • 10.30am - Arrive at CERN where we can view the two public exhibitions. “Microcosm” is where students can uncover the mysteries of the universe and discover the massive apparatus used by the scientists. “Universe of Particles” is a fascinating look at the world of particles from the big bang to the present day.
  • 12.30pm - Lunch in the CERN canteen. The lunch is in buffet form and your plates are weighed at the till to work out the price. Keep your eyes peeled for Nobel prize winners having their lunch! We will also use this time to see the office where Tim Berners-Lee invented the world-wide web.
  • 2.00pm - Tour of CERN comprising an introduction, film and a visit to an experiment or accelerator. The tour is approximately 3 hours.
  • 5.00pm - A visit to the CERN gift shop.
  • 5.30pm - Return to the accommodation.

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Our Blog for the 16th April

We arrived at CERN this morning and have explored the Microcosm exhibition which explains how the accelerators and detectors of the Large Hadron Collider probe the very heart of matter.

Cern Trip 10 Cern Trip 12Cern Trip 11

A cloud chamber, viewing the vapour trails left by alpha particles and muons.

Cern Trip 13  Cern Trip 14 Cern Trip 15

Sitting on one of the giant dipole magnets which are used in the LHC.

Cern Trip 27 Cern Trip 28JPG

A quick detour during lunch to see the office where Tim Berners-Lee developed the Internet. When he submitted his proposal for a new "information management system" his supervisor famously scribbled his feedback on it saying it was "vague but interesting"

Cern Trip 30JPG Cern Trip 31JPG

Cern Trip 32 Cern Trip 33JPG

In afternoon we had a lecture on particle physics, visited the synchro-cyclotron which was the first accelerator at CERN and we finished the day at the ATLAS detector control room.

Cern Trip 34 Cern Trip 35.PG Cern Trip 36 Cern Trip 37

 Cern Trip 38 Cern Trip 39