Year 11 students experience Sixth Form

Year 11 students experience exciting lessons during Sixth Form Taster Day

On the 27th June the Sixth Form area was buzzing with potential Year 12 students. The Taster Course Programme provides Year 11 students with a taste of what life in the Sixth Form is like. Through their chosen taster lessons students experienced different teaching methods used by our expert Sixth Form teaching staff and gained an insight into the additional facilities available, whilst meeting students from present Year 12 cohort.

Taster days are tailored around the subjects that the students are interested in. They were accompanied by current Sixth Form students who share the same interests. Year 11 students had an opportunity to meet with subject teachers and senior members of staff on this day. Well over a hundred Year 11 Bentley Wood students attended taster day. The day was filled with exciting lessons of role plays, experiments, presentations and lectures.

All of the attendees were excited about the prospect of joining Bentley Wood Sixth Form in September. We look forward to welcoming all of them back in September 2016.

Bridging Work Programme for Year 11 to Year 12

Successful academic study at A level requires comprehensive knowledge of a range of writing, reading and speaking skills. The Bridging Work Programme is designed to help students make this transition and acquire the academic literacy and language skills they need to succeed at A levels.

Between 28th June to 1st July eight Year 11 students attended Bridging Work Programme at Bentley Wood Sixth Form. Students attended academic literacy sessions, which help them, understand and evaluate academic texts and develop strategies to deal with challenges in reading and writing. They also attended Inner Drive workshops on Communicating Better and Mastery Mindset. These workshops help students improve how they communicate with each other, their teachers and their parents/careers.

The workshops explore both the importance of listening carefully and communicating clearly as well as to introduce students to the key habits of successful people. The philosophy behind the workshops is that there is no guarantee of success, but by living your life by these habits you put yourself in the best possible position to succeed. 

The Bridging Programme was very interactive, with practicals, experiments and interactive learning.