Computer Science

Game Design

If you would like to know how to develop your own games in Python with real graphics, rather than just text, follow either of these two tutorials:

Snake Game:

Tanks Game:


There are many events going on in the world of Computer Science that encourage people to code. The attached website shows a range of events currently happening. If you are interested about one of the events, speak to a member of the Computer Science department.

One place to go and see if you would like to find out more about Computer Science (and how it had an immense impact in ending the second world war) is Bletchley Park.

Recommended Books for extra reading

Free ebooks that are truly excellent:

Recommended Films for Computer Science

  • I Robot (the book is excellent as well)
  • Steve Jobs
  • The Matrix
  • Source Code
  • The Social Network
  • A Beautiful Mind
  • The Internship