Sixth Form students create imaginative artwork

Sixth Form students create imaginative artwork

on International Day of the Girl Child 11th October

Having set up the new Feminist Society at Bentley Wood, the squad got straight to work preparing for Tuesday 11th October- International Day of the Girl. Led by myself and Maariyah the society planned events leading up to the big day to raise awareness of Feminism and involve the whole school in this important cause.

We began with a Red Lipstick Day for the Sixth Form and staff and everyone really got into the spirit of things! Next, the society created posters and publicised Bring in a Bra Day for Friday 7th, a collection of old bras for the charity ‘Smalls for All’, which send undergarments two girls in underprivileged conditions. This event was so successful, we carried on the collection until the next Friday and even the staff donated!

On Monday 10th, I created the Wise Thoughts on Feminism for the whole school, starting from Mary Wollstonecraft’s first feminist treatise to what Feminism means today. On the big day itself, we held The Big Draw, a colourful chalk mural on the wall for the whole school to get involved and write what Feminism means to them; the mural is a visual representation of what Feminism means to Bentley Wood and how we will continue to stand up for the equality of the sexes. Fem Squad will continue and we hope to plan more events like this throughout the year.

Aisha (Year 13)