A students experience at Bentley Wood

Head Girl gives an enthusiastic speech at

Sixth Form Open Evening in October

My name is Thuraya  and I am honoured to speak to you tonight as the Head Girl of Bentley Wood High School. I am currently in year 13 and working towards my A levels in Maths, Economics, Geography and the Extended Project Qualification with the ambition of pursuing an Economics degree next year.

The decision to continue studying at Bentley Wood seemed to be a natural progression for me, given that I was fortunate enough to spend 5 incredible years at Bentley Wood, experiencing some of my finest academic highpoints (10A*s 2AS at GCSE) which is testament to the fantastic teaching here. The sixth-form’s esteemed ‘Ofsted Outstanding’ reputation is another reason to stay on as it speaks volumes regarding the quality of education you will receive if you stay on.

I can say that having just completed my first year in the Sixth Form, I have continued to receive incredible academic and pastoral support which has truly eased the infamous 'jump' between GCSE and A level you may be already be aware of. The teachers at Bentley Wood are compassionate and have the ability to tailor their style of teaching to fulfil our personal needs.  They do this by instilling an inner sense of confidence within us, allowing every student to make the progress they deserve.  This is crucial since the A level course is very fast-paced, but it is guaranteed  that the teachers will  provide you with the key learning tools to overcome any challenges awaiting you.

Aside from academia, the Bentley Wood Sixth Form offers a plethora of enrichment activities outside of the classroom from music to sport - so there is something for everyone. The Sixth Form has many student-led activitie , such as Debate Chamber to the new Feminist Squad society, which gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of contemporary issues affecting the world we live in. It is especially true that within the Sixth Form, teachers create opportunities for us to actively debate and get involved in discussions in the subjects you will choose to specialise in. This has certainly given me a wave of confidence for my future academic pursuits, ultimately preparing me well for the rigour of university learning which is more independently-driven.

As I embark on my final year at Bentley Wood, I feel privileged to have had an abundance of opportunities come my way, and to continue to receive tremendous university support at the Sixth Form.  Staying on at the Sixth Form was one of the best decisions I have made because the teachers truly nurture an enthusiasm for learning by providing us with knowledge, skills and confidence to make the most out of the opportunities we have here.  Thanks to the guidance, I have become more forward-thinking individual, equipped with the tools to overcome any challenges yet to prevail. Expectations are high but the foundations you lay from your lower years prepare you well enough for further study.   

Thuraya  Year 13