Sixth Form students attend lectures on Anthropology

Sixth Form students attend absorbing university

workshops and lectures on Anthropology

Anthropology workshops at Brunel University London

This exciting event is an excellent opportunity for Year 12, 13 and further education students to learn what Anthropology is all about, and to experience what it’s like to study this subject at University. 

Organized jointly by the Division of Anthropology at Brunel University London and Bentley Wood High School, Stanmore, and supported by the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI), the day revolved around a series of interactive mini-lectures and short films. These drew directly from the real life fieldwork experiences of Brunel Anthropologists.

Workshop topics included:

  • Can animals be people? Anthropological approaches to human-animal relations
  • Anthropology and the Marikana massacre in South Africa

Bentley Wood Year 12 Anthropology students really enjoyed the day and gained a deeper understanding of different topics that they can apply in their exams.

‘From Bones to Baboons’ Open Day at the University of Roehampton

Year 12 Anthropology class attended an Anthropology Open Day at the University of Roehampton.

This one-day event is endorsed by the Royal Anthropological Institute, and is a follow-up event with the Royal Society of Biology’s ‘Biology Week’.

It introduced pupils to anthropology courses as well as reinforced learned topics at AS Level. The day showcased the subject for pupils and illustrated the latest research and publications and considered careers with an Anthropology Degree.

Students had a great opportunity to see attend some amazing lectures, talks, discussions and workshops such as: “Monkey Business in Morocco” – a sample lecture (Professor Stuart Semple); “Morphology and Palaeoanthropology” – a practical (Dr Todd Rae); “From Shamanism to Astrobiology” (Dr Istvan Praet) and  “Is the Current Mental Illness Epidemic an Illusion?”.

This conference helped encourage students to develop their understanding of this fascinating and complex topic that they are learning at AS Anthropology.