Year 11 Exam Preparation

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Please download the Year 11 exam preparation exam booster sessions timetable

Year 11 Exam Preparation Timetable

Revsion Tips Exam and Examinations

  1. Use your Maximise booklets to keep you motivated.
  2. Start revising today not tomorrow.
  3. Keep hydrated. Your brain functions better when you drink water not fizzy drinks.
  4. Ban Facebook until after the exams. Switch off your mobile when you sit down to study. Make this a habit.
  5. GCSEPod is superb. Make use of it. It’s your virtual teacher.
  6. Short revision sessions (20-25 minutes) are most effective. Your concentration lapses after about
    an hour and short breaks of  5-10 minutes are essential.
  7. Make sure you don’t just revise the subjects and topics you like. Work on your weaker subjects as well.
  8. Study in a quiet place that is both light and comfortable.                                               
  9. Avoid places that have a TV and computers.
  10. Make a 'revision timetable'. Plan and do not deviate from the plan.
  11. Create summary notes that help your memory. Short notes, drawings and sayings are much easier to remember.
  12. Get help by asking friends and family to test you.
  13. Attend revision classes as teachers will know what will be in tests and exams!
  14. Record yourself reading notes and occasionally listen to the recordings.
  15. Allow yourself some fun time each day to relax... and make sure you get a good 8 hours of sleep each night.
  16. Eat well. Suggested foods such as wholegrain foods (cereals, wheat bran, wheat germ and whole wheat pasta), blueberries, blackcurrants, broccoli, tomatoes, oily fish and nuts.
  17. Don't panic if you feel a bit nervous. A degree of nervousness actually helps you perform to the best of your ability, producing a rush of adrenaline that helps you to feel alert and focused.
  18. Use this site:
  19. Practise one or two past exam questions every day.
  20. Exercise will help keep you calm during revision and exams. You’ll feel more energised and refreshed, and
    that will help you perform better in your studies.
  21. If all else fails, “Keep calm and stay positive”, life carries on.