Visit from Neurosurgeon Registrar from St George’s University Hospitals

On Wednesday 18th October Bentley Wood welcomed a neuro-surgeon to the school to talk to about her career with her first-hand experience at being a surgeon. Students asked questions about work experience, future careers in medicine, undergraduate schemes and mature graduate schemes.

Ms Meriem Amarouche, a neurosurgeon registrar, went into depth on some of the requirements for studying medicine and the difficulty in starting or trying to develop a career in medicine and shared some wise advice: “Follow the area you want, do something you like and know you will enjoy ten years down the line and try to broaden your perspective. You can always change your decisions at any point.”

In regards to work experience we went into a brief conversation about where to study and how to write your CV. From Ms Amarouche`s words you should “never leave work experience to the last minute”.   If you only have limited work experience, it doesn`t matter as you may summarise on your CV how this experience may has affected you, new skills you learnt and others which you developed in order to fulfil the role; all of this gives you an advantage over other students in competition for a course in medicine.

We also discussed the complexity of becoming a neurosurgeon:  how it may be the most challenging path in medicine. Ms  Amarouche herself did not plan on going on to becoming a Neurosurgeon; in fact she started in psychiatry.  The study of medicine leads to many different careers!

We would all like to thank the Student Career Leaders, Mr Roach and staff for organizing this event.

Sadia  10RC