Becoming an architect

South Bank UniversityCareers Presentation on becoming an architect from London Southbank University

Architecture students develop highly desirable creative, visual, technical and design-based skills and Bentley Wood students had the opportunity to attend a talk by a visiting Architect on 8th November. Angela Vanezi, an Architect, discussed how to follow onto a career in Architecture.

Students asked questions about work experience, future careers in Architecture and the wide range of alternative careers in other areas, such as engineering, the environment, construction, landscape design – all of which can also be pursued by studying architecture.

Miss Vanezi shared some wise advice:

You need to enjoy it to pursue it. You need to be passionate, you need to be creative and able to come up with great concepts.”

We also discussed the complexity of becoming an Architect – it can be very time-consuming. 99% of LSBU`s students studying Architecture went on to practical work after their third year.  Miss Vanezi herself has worked in Theoretical Architecture and on various sites including airports in Panama, Mexico and Taiwan, as well as various Apple headquarters and Apple campuses.

For information on how to visit exhibitions at LSBU go to this website:

We would all like to thank the Mr Roach, Student Career Leaders and Staff for organizing this event.

By Sadia 10RC and Oreshmin 10KAL