Applying to University of Oxford

Dr Ruth MacDonald inspires students

to Applying to University of Oxford

On Wednesday 25th April Bentley Wood welcomed Dr Ruth MacDonald from the University of Oxford to speak to students about university life and the subjects on offer. We are very grateful for her insight about the one of the world’s leading universities.

Oxford University is divided into 35 different colleges with approximately 11,000 graduates, taught with many different engaging teaching styles used for lectures, tutorials and seminars. The amazing thing about Oxford is that it has over one hundred libraries: every 21 seconds someone borrows a book and in addition to this they also have 70,000 online journals - perfect for any research needed to be completed.

The University of Oxford looks for students who are passionate about their subject and students who are willing to take challenges in life. Applying for Oxford is straightforward, you complete an admission test, apply by the 15th October through UCAS (The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service).  The application date for the University of Oxford is much earlier than other universities and only half of applicants will get interviewed about their chosen course. The University is especially famous in teaching medicine, philosophy and classics with many famous who people who studied at Oxford.

Students looking to apply to Oxford should be aware that living within the Oxford area can be quite expensive. Like all university students, the government does provide student loans which are only re-paid once the person’s salary is at least £25,000.  For those students who complete their degree at the University of Oxford, figures suggest  that about 30% of them will take home a salary of about £30,000 at the age of 21!  After 6 months of graduation, 56% of students are employed and 35% are engaged in further study.  Another unique thing about the university is that after the student graduates their careers service will continue to provide help and support for the rest of their life for example through finding employment.

We would all like to give Dr Ruth MacDonald a special thank you for giving such an amazing talk and giving us advice for our future. We would also like to thank Mr Roach (Careers Adviser), the Student Career Leaders and other staff members for organising this talk.

Nabihah, 9NAZ Student Careers Leader

“It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to speak to students at Bentley Wood about applying to the University of Oxford. I was impressed by the range of insightful questions posed by those who attended and very much look forward to visiting the school in the future.

St John’s College are committed to working with state schools in our link region of Harrow to ensure that anyone, regardless of their background, has the knowledge, skills and experience to make well-founded applications to highly selective universities. We wish you all the best in your studies.”

Dr Ruth MacDonald