A Level artists visit the Whitechapel Gallery and beyond

Studying Art and Design is not just about looking at famous art works in galleries, an important part of art education is about the experience of being an artist and being part of contemporary life and culture. The ultimate purpose of studying Fine Art at A level is to turn students into blossoming young artists in their own right. It is important that our curriculum at Bentley Wood ensures students are exposed to a range of cultural ideas from many different time and places and during our days out we like to visit places as well as galleries.

On our trip to Whitechapel we spent the morning in the ‘trendy’ alternative area of Shoreditch visiting small shop galleries and experiencing the famous range of street art. Students were excited by the work that took on various formats and various scale which led to discussions about political events. Students were also excited that, unbeknown to them, we had also visited places where Jack the Ripper had struck. After lunch we spent time in the Whitechapel art gallery looking at many exhibitions of both up and coming artists and some famous ones such as Jackson Pollock. A very full and eventful day, which led to all of us being tired on the journey back.

Miss Tebby