Head Girl Team


Head Girl Team 2019-2020

It is with enormous pride that we introduce our new Head Girl of Sixth Form and Head Girl’s Team.

Our Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the school. Each has been selected for their own unique personal skills as they provide visible leadership to the lower years and help spearhead new initiatives in school through liaison with staff.

The Head Girl leads a team of five Sixth Form students who each have their own areas of responsibility including: leading interactive groups between the Sixth Form and the lower school; charity initiatives; mentoring; organising events such as Leavers’ Prom; as well as any other areas they wish to take a lead on or they are asked to undertake as a project responsibility.

Each member of the Head Girl’s Team heads up a different year group within lower school and leads Student Council Meetings with Form Captains in that year group. As well as providing excellent leadership experiences for our students, the Head Girl’s Team places our Sixth Form firmly at the forefront of our school

The role of Head Girl’s team is to represent the school and act as ambassadors through their conduct on a daily basis and at whole school events. The Head Girl’s Team are required to deliver speeches, presentations and readings at assemblies, school events and parents evenings. They will take a lead in liaison with the Student Voice group and follow up on decisions carrying out tasks assigned to them. The Head Girl Team liaises with members of the staff Senior Leadership Group and other members of staff on a regular basis to support the continuing improvement of the School and Sixth Form. The Head Girl will be responsible for leading the student leaders and assigning duties. The Head Girl also organises, and chairs, regular meetings with the student leadership team. It is her duty to ensure student leaders are supported and she will be accountable for ensuring all student leaders are fulfilling their responsibilities and meeting the expectations of their roles.

This year, we are very excited about the initiatives that our Head Girl’s Team will undertake to lead our school community to greater success. 

Miss Rothwell, Head of Sixth Form