Careers in Biomedical science

On Monday 16th of September we were lucky to welcome Dr Jamal Nasir visit us from the University of Northampton in order to give us a talk on biomedical science. The talk was very interesting and allowed us to learn exactly what one needs to study biomedical science at university.

Biomedical science is the application of biology-based science to medical use in research, health monitoring treatment.  He informed us of the requirements to study biomedical sciences. They were to have at least grades BCC at A level with at least one of the sciences, preferably biology. He also explained how Biomedical science can be used as a pathway to study medicine and how after getting a biomedical science degree you could study a shortened 2-year medical course to become a doctor.  Careers include environmental engineer, genetic counsellor, higher education lecturer, medical sales representative as well as many roles in nanotechnology and writing articles and publications in this rapidly-expanding industry.

The talk was very interesting. He also told us a lot about his personal experiences which made it even more engaging. At the end of the talk he gave us freebies and gifts as well as personal advice regarding work experience.

Sajeda, Year 10