Studying medicine

Bentley Wood High School has a really high regard to careers.  Being one of the Career Leaders, I work closely with Mr Roach, Head of the Careers Department, who offers an incredible amount of activities in careers such as enrichment fairs and the frequent careers talks.   

There is a very broad range of speakers that come in, even from some of the best universities in the country.  Last week, Alastair Robertson visited us from the university of Queen Mary to talk about studying medicine.  

As I am very passionate about this particular field, this topic interested me a lot and gave me lots of inspiration.  He talked about the grades you need to get into medical schools, the BETC exams and the universities which offer a great environment to study this topic.  During this talk, I took many notes and it made me think about what I would start doing now to possibly help me achieve my goals in the future.  I really enjoyed the talk and look forward to going to the other careers talks.  

Sohana, Year 9

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