Philosophy and Religious Studies

Main textbooks used:

The KS3 topics are below with their attached textbooks. Parents can encourage students to read books from the reading list below. All the books on these lists are available in the library. 

Reading list Year 7 RS

Reading list Year 8 RS

Year 7:

  • The Philosophy of Learning - no text book
  • What is Religion? - no text book
  • Ancient Egyptian Religion – Ancient Egypt, DK Eyewitness Project Book
  • Judaism – no text book
  • Christianity – no text book
  • Islam – The Muslim Experience by Jan Thompson

Year 8:

  • The If Odyssey – The If Odyssey by Peter Worley
  • The Philosophy of Religion – Looking For Proof of God by Robert Kirkwood
  • Hinduism – The Hindu Experience by Liz Aylett
  • Buddhism – The Buddhist Experience by Mel Thompson
  • Sikhism – The Sikh Experience by Phillip Emmett

KS4: The main text books for GCSE Religious Studies AQA A are listed below. These are available already for all students online via KERBOODLE. Students in Year 10 and 11 should already have accounts and know their usernames and passwords. Students in Year 9 username and password are the 4 digits that begin their Bentley Wood e-mails.  The institution code is Pro9. Any problems the student should see I.T.

  • AQA Religious Studies A Buddhism by Kevin James and Nagapriya. Series editor: Cynthia Bartlett (Oxford)
  • AQA Religious Studies A Christianity by Marianne Fleming, Peter Smith and David Worden. Series editor: Cynthia Bartlett (Oxford)
  • Additional textbook we sometimes use: AQA GCSE Religious Studies Specification A by Lesley Parry, Jan Hayes and Shelia Butler (Hodder Education)

KS5: It is compulsory for 6th form students to purchase the AS level and A-level text books.

Year 12: AQA A-level Philosophy Year 1 and AS: Epistemology and Moral Philosophy Paperback by 
Jeremy HaywardGerald JonesDan Cardinal

Year 13: AQA A-level Philosophy Year 2: Metaphysics of God and metaphysics of mind Paperback by 
Jeremy HaywardGerald JonesDan Cardinal

Recommended revision guides

At Key Stage 4 and 5 we provide revision guides for all topics to the students. The books below can be helpful but should be used in addition to the notes made in class.

KS4: AQA GCSE Religious Studies A: Christianity and Buddhism Revision Guide Paperback by Marianne FlemingNagapriya, and Peter Smith


Year 12: My Revision Notes: AQA A-level Philosophy Paper 1 Epistemology and Moral Philosophy Paperback by Dan CardinalGerald JonesJeremy Hayward

Year 13: My Revision Notes: AQA A-level Philosophy Paper 2 Metaphysics of God and Metaphysics of mind by Dan CardinalGerald JonesJeremy Hayward series My Revision Notes

Recommended revision websites: