Lockdown Through The Lens Photography Competition

Photography competition 1

  Photography competition 2

“This photo is meant to represent the feeling of being trapped. Many children including my brother (in the picture) are used to roaming freely in the parks, being able to meet with their friends, have fun and go to school.

However, during the lockdown, all of these things have been taken away, and the world that children knew had disappeared, causing many children nnot being able to understand and cope with these circumstances. I have edited the picture to give it a colder tone and feeling, representing the boredom and fatigue the children are facing and the spark and happiness that children usually portray, had disappeared as if someone had snatched it away.”



Fatima, our runner up, used some skillful editing to create her picture, which depicts the different activities she and her brother have been enjoying during lockdown to keep them active and physically fit. Thank you to all studentswho submitted entries. It was very interesting to share your perspectives of life in lockdown.

Miss Rothwell
Head of Sixth Form