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St John’s Inspire Programme – Year 12 Virtual Summer School

St John`s Inspire Programme runs events, seminars, and competitions for students in years 9 – 13 from the University of Oxford.  Here Sadia, Year 13 talks about her experience

I loved my experience of the Year 12 Virtual Summer School, which was separated into two, STEM and Humanities students where we studied the impact of fake news on our world which developed our skills for independent research.  At the end of the week I did a research poster on “the impact of fake news on the development of vaccines” which was interesting as I was taught how to reference material and identify good relevant material that will condense my poster and I had to actively manage my time to stop from falling behind. And I am happy since the hard work paid off and I got awarded second place!

There were also mini-competitions, challenges and prize-draws set throughout the week that consisted of problems with a tutorial teaching you the basics to get your started and guide you.  On our first day we were given a lecture on the R value of Covid-19 and had to complete a set activity on this data and scenario. 

Here is the question: Crossing the desert

You are responsible for driving an important person across the desert, but the cars that you have been given can only hold enough petrol to cover half of the distance. Being a desert, there are of course no petrol stations along the way. However, you have access to as many cars as you need and can transfer petrol between them. What is the minimum number of cars that you will need and how can you complete the journey? 

My greatest tip is to talk to your teachers because I got most of these opportunities from talking with teachers and make the most of them, I know it is tricky to get yourself motivated but it is worth it!

Sadia 13B

St Johns Inspire 1