Sixth Form Placements

Nuffield Research Placement Year 12

The Nuffield Research Placement is a nationally recognized programme for Year 12 students that offers research experience science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills by working with a professional researcher on a given research question in the field you want to go into.  The program offers a bursary for students who meet the criteria and finish the whole placement fully.

I was allocated a place with the Environment Agency over the course of 6 weeks in the summer holiday. I loved the placement and gained so many different research skills dealing with rata representation, correct referencing and identifying good resources. I also created a scientific poster in preparation for University where research-based courses consist of writing up your results in research papers and summarised into research posters.  My research was based on the causes of the loss of Saltmarsh area and the program pairs you with a specialist in that field, so in my case I got a supervisor from the Environment Agency that talked me through writing up my results and how to use excel for data analysis which was really fun and gave me insight into the work of the Environment Agency. If you don`t find Saltmarshes appealing, do not fret because the program works across the UK with different universities in a range of different subjects, so there is something to fit everyone’s taste!

My number one tip is to get the application out of the way early on, it is a really good to put on your personal statement, free (and you might get a bursary) and it is such a valuable experience!

 Sadia 13BC

Nuffield Research