Philosophy at Cambridge University

Cambridge Philosophy Theology taster day Jan 18 web

Two students get a taste of what it is like to study philosophy at Cambridge University

The Philosophy and Religious Studies department chose two students for a taster day in philosophy and theology at Cambridge University. It was an opportunity to experience more advanced Philosophical lessons as well as visit historic Cambridge University. One of the attendees, Ameera, describes her experience below.

Mr O’Sullivan

“The taster day for a theology and/or philosophy degree held by Girton College at Cambridge University was an incredible experience and an amazing opportunity! The lectures gave us an opportunity to experience higher level education and a further understanding and depth to Philosophy.

The lectures were held by well known professors and which we discussed research into various different topics such as the role of artificial intelligence in the future, and much more! In addition, we were encouraged to question and debate with our peers in consultation with the professors which I really enjoyed!

Moreover, we met and talked to current Cambridge students which was a great opportunity as we discussed Cambridge University life, how to get there and future prospects with a Theology and/or Philosophy degree. I had an amazing time which was incredibly informative and interesting and am very grateful for the opportunity!”

Ameera, Year 11