Careers and Higher Education Fair 2018

Bentley Wood held our annual Careers Fair on 11 October 2018.  Students always enjoy this event and get the opportunity to meet representatives of universities, employers and apprenticeship providers as part of our excellent careers information, advice and guidance programme. There was a genuine buzz around the school about future aspirations as each year group visited the fair with students asking questions and requesting guidance on their future study and career plans.  Students were clearly motivated and had raised aspirations from their positive experience which will inspire many to further investigate and help formulate plans for their own future career and further studies paths.

Exhibitors from a range of companies, universities and apprenticeship schemes attended including: the University of York, The Environment Agency, The University of Law, Ernst & Young, University of Oxford, Brunel University, King’s College London, London Fire Brigade, Cisco, Newcastle University and the London Ambulance Service to name a few.

Feedback from exhibitors and students was extremely positive.

A Year 7 student commented;

“I did not know so many different courses existed, which gives me more choice”.

A Year 9 student informed me:

“After speaking to that university law sounds really interesting, and I am thinking about making this the job for me”.

Year 11 reflected about their GCSEs;

“I know now how important my GCSE’s are for my future, so I want to try even harder”.

A Year 12 Student spoke about university;

“I have a much better idea of what I want to study now at university, thank you very much in helping me”.

Just to remind everyone, Bentley Wood are providing after school and lunchtime lecturers from many of these exhibitors, for students to gain an even deeper level of understanding to support their future career and educational choices.

Stephen Roach