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Step to your success

Please view the Year 11 Head Start to Revsion 2019 guide below

Year 11 Head Start to Revision 2019 guide. To view on screen

Year 11 Head Start to Revision 2019 guide. To print a copy

We are incredibly proud of how hard our Year 11 students are working towards their exams with the help of their teachers who are supporting them in their studies, providing extra revision support, wide-ranging resources, past practice exam papers and personal guidance towards reaching their goals.   However, we know that exam season can be a daunting time so the school has produced a guide exclusively for Year 11 - Steps to Your Success - which provides a structured and comprehensive guide to exam success, including tips from department heads for each GCSE subject, lists of the very best websites for which the school has arranged access, lists of recommended reading and lifestyle management advice from experts in maintaining a stress-free life. We trust you will find the guide helpful.