Newsletter July 2019

newsletter image JUly 2019 -2Please view the latest Bentley Wood High School student newsletter Here

We are at the end of a very busy year. As always, we highly value all of the time we spend with the girls at Bentley Wood and how we learn together. The girls consistently live up to the very high expectations that we set. Most importantly they show their deep understanding of our CARE values; communication, achievement, respect and empathy.

We were pleased as to how the girls prepared for their external and internal examinations. We knew they received tremendous support and encouragement from their families, teachers and support staff. A sincere thank you to you all, this is appreciated by the girls.

In school, feedback has been given from internal exams to help students to see where and what they need to learn to cover any gaps in their knowledge & skills.

Throughout the year, the girls have achieved so much within and beyond the classroom, which you can see from the articles in the newsletter. During the last week of the term, we had a fantastic time with the girls on activity days. It was our family holiday. Internal and external staff fed back on the girls’ exemplary behaviour. We enjoyed their company and learnt so much together. We could also see how much the girls had developed their characters during the year.