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KS5 | Chemistry

Is Chemistry the subject for you?

Studying Chemistry provides you with a privileged insight to the processes that define our everyday world. The skills you will develop as a chemist are highly transferable enabling you to continue your academic trajectory in a multitude of different fields. You will use and develop powers of critical and creative thinking and demonstrate your chemical knowledge through a diverse range of practical experiments.

Course content

The course allows you to develop a myriad of skills in the classroom by seamlessly integrating these throughout the course topics. These can be in the form of practical work as well as presentational skills. Learning is sequenced to allow you to cumulatively build on your knowledge and take ownership of your learning as you progress from topic to topic. The innovative nature of Chemistry means that this field is constantly evolving, and are students are encouraged to complement their learning with wider, up-to-date research in order to expand their contextual appreciation of the subject.

Methods of study

Chemistry lessons are varied however, we aim to incorporate as many practical experiences as part of our lessons as possible. This is so that students can appreciate the concomitant link between theoretical chemical work and experimental research. This is particularly crucial for those continuing with scientific learning in higher education. You will receive regular feedback from class teachers throughout your studies and will also evaluate your learning through peer assessment, group work, class discussions, presentations, experimentation and research.

How will it be examined?

Our exam board is AQA and our students complete the Linear Chemistry qualification; the AS qualification will not count towards the final grade of an A Level. However, there are opportunities throughout the course for learning to be regularly examined and for you to reflect on where your learning currently stands and how to make progress going forward.

Career opportunities

A qualification in Chemistry is in high demand and will set you apart in any field you continue your studies in. Many courses such as medicine, engineering and dentistry require an A Level in Chemistry as a prerequisite for the course. What careers could you consider in the future with chemistry? Analytical Chemistry, Banking, Atmospheric Chemistry, Engineering, Forensic Science, Marine Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Accounting, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, and Patent Attorney – these are just a few! Many employers value the analytical and creative problem solving skills that are developed at Chemistry A-level.

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