Poetry Competition

Year 11

Poetry Competition

A student in Year 11 independently entered a poetry competition run by the ‘Young Writer’s foundation’ based on the theme of imagination.

www.youngwriters.co.uk Isna in 11MGRf has been chosen to publish her poem in the book “Imagine -a fountain of ink” which is being released on the 5th March 2021.

Please view Isna’s fantastic poem below:

The words uttered by the intelligence of Einstein that identifying logic is limited and imagination is abiding

Imagine a world where everything appears through dreams and every whisper of every word is the reality of academe

Envisage a world where dreams could rule

A territory solely administered by the thoughts of society

Among our multi-layered universe, blurred is the line between thoughts and reality

Meet COVID, a pandemic literally taken from the pages of God’s book and transported into our province

It’s a miracle that seemed preposterous at first but as time flew

It became the prevailing words of every discussion

Before COVID-19, the future was a vision where planning was primary

But presently, the world is in an unprecedented situation

So the future really lies in our imagination

Taking the world for granted was a common concept

But now as actuality kicks in, it is nowhere near the dreams of the past or present generation

Life seems to be a spinning door between the fantasy of imagination and returning to strident reality

Dreams are the future for generations to come

A starting, waiting to be accomplished by the artistry of the intellect

A fictional illusion appearing as reality and tricking the mind

Then one night, we get up startled and heart beating to realise that it was just a dream

But a dream can soon become the phenomenon to discover

This world is a temporary but out gumption is perpetual

Just imagine if dreams were a reality…

Isna 11MGRf