Science Club

Science club is a weekly experience where Year 7 students take part in various interactive experiments

We can make or build things like rockets or lip- balm. We can do dissections, of hearts, lungs kidneys or eyes. We can experiment with acids and carbonates to make a rainbow of colours in neutralisation reactions, We learned how to bend water using a force and this wasn’t a Jedi mind trick. We have also held fire in our hands… without getting burnt. Science Club runs every Friday and is free to join each week.

Mr Koyejo and the science team

Science Club rota

28-Jan – Egg drop challenge
04-Feb – Making gold coins, nickel plating
11-Feb – Mystery food test

18-Feb Half- Term

25-Feb – Making Lip balm
04-Mar – Building an electromagnet
11-Mar – Building an electric motor
18-Mar – Growing Microbes
25-Mar – Testing antibiotics / soaps/ detergents

08-Apr Easter break
15-Apr Easter break

22-April – Testing Vitamin C in boiled micro and fresh veg
29-April – Static Electricity Van der Graff machine
06-May – Micro chemistry Precipitations
13-May – Building fruit batteries
20-May – Nature run capture and identifying bugs
27-May – Testing catalyst Elephants toothpaste

03-Jun Half- term

10-Jun –  Agar plates- swab testing ?
17-Jun – Paper tower Challenge
24-Jun – Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge
01-Jul  – Ooblecc – Walking on non-newtonian fluid