Students receive Blue Peter badges

Blue Peter badges for eco-friendly projects

Eco-friendly posters

Geography Ambassadors have been working hard to get their Blue Peter Green Badges. Part of the challenge requires creating a piece of artwork or poster to encourage more environmentally friendly behaviour and to demonstrate love for our planet. In a previous newsletter we presented the fantastic artwork which contributed to the Blue Peter Green Badge initiative completed by the Geography Ambassadors. We are delighted that the badges have now arrived for students to be rewarded for their efforts.

Students kept eco-friendly pledges over a minimum of two weeks (or some chose to commit for longer). The Geography Ambassadors were given the option of pledges to keep, covering areas of Power, Plastic and Plants.

Then as a group, we decided to all eat some more vegetarian meals. We felt this was a great way to reduce carbon emissions as it can reduce methane emissions from cattle farming and less trees need to be cut down for farmland, reducing deforestation. We made sure pupils understood the geography content as to why and how these pledges will help the environment.

Students uploaded evidence of completing their pledges to a Teams page – taking photos of their actions. At the end of the pledge period, pupils had to return a form which both they and their parents/guardian signed to prove pledges were kept.

Geography Ambassadors also met on several occasions during lunch, where they discussed progress with their pledges. During these lunchtime meetings, students also worked together to create posters/artworks demonstrating their love for the environment and the importance of looking after the planet.

The Geography Ambassadors put in lots of hard-work for this project and clearly demonstrated their care for the planet.

Ms Gaunt