8th, 9th and 10th February 2023

Matilda School Production

Students worked tirelessly preparing for Bentley Wood’s annual musical production of Matilda. Students produced everything – from putting together a huge wardrobe of costumes, painting and creating sets, learning and practising together, technical sound and lighting – as well as performing!

The production offered fantastic opportunities for students to show their skills not only in acting and music but to take part in the production. Here are some comments from students that took part in our fantastic production

Faiza, Miss Honey

Matilda the musical has been an amazing experience. Being Miss Honey has taught me to be confident in myself and to have fun. I have learned a lot from the other Miss Honey, she taught me how to react to other people when I was not speaking and advised me to be confident. I have made so many new friends from the cast.

The only thing I don’t want is for this experience to end, I will miss going after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One of my favourite characters is Miss Trunchbull. I love how she has so much confidence and I love her sense of humour; she makes everyone laugh.

I can’t forget about the teachers who organised this whole event: Mr Rankin for his co-ordination and his dedication, Mrs Bancroft who made all the songs turn out perfect and made me more confident in myself, Mrs Burridge for her enthusiasm and her motivating speeches, Miss Parkes for helping backstage and organising the prologue, the sixth formers who are helping out and Neha for all the choreography.

Lastly, I thank the whole cast for their dedication and their contribution. I will never forget these joyful moments in my time at Bentley Wood.

Faiza S 9MGRe 

Elisha, Matilda

Hello, my name is Matilda Wormwood and I did a recent production here at Bentley Wood where me and my fellow classmates defeated the Trunchbull and she was never seen again. I live with Miss Honey now and she’s the new headmistress and life is so much better for me now,

I had an amazing time retelling my story to supporting audiences. Well, I’ve got to go to a picnic with Miss Honey now- but remember, sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty!

Elisha K 8FERw

Riana, Miss Honey

When I found out that we were doing Matilda for the school production this year I was very excited. Matilda was one of my favourite musicals growing up. I auditioned for the part of Miss Honey and got it and I was so happy. I put in lots of hard work, learning my lines, lyrics and dances. I really felt a connection with the character Miss Honey as a joyful and motivational teacher that always has faith in her students. I was also told by many friends that we give off the same vibe.

During the rehearsals leading up to the production I really enjoyed being able to connect with my cast member and being their Miss Honey, on and off stage, especially for the younger years. Overall, it’s been an amazing experience and although I can’t wait until the performances, I’m going to miss working with the cast and all the teachers that have played a part in setting after it’s all over.

Riana K 11AALe