Year 10 Exams Timetable

End of Year Exams Timetable

Year 10

Date 8.50am(Wed 8.40am) 11.20am 2.20pm(Wed 1.40pm)
Mon-13-Jun-22 Art (Graphics, Fine Art and Textiles) and Drama – C – Block Students
Tue-14-Jun-22 Art (Graphics, Fine Art and Textiles) and Drama – D – Block Students
Yr10 Music (In Class) 1h10m
Wed-15-Jun-22 Yr10 Maths 1of3 1h30m
Thu-16-Jun-22 Yr10 Bus St 1h30m
Yr 10 Latin 1of2 1h 30m
Fri-17-Jun-22 Yr10 MFL Writing 1h / 1h15m Yr10 Maths 2of3 1h30m
Mon-20-Jun-22 Yr10 Biology 1of2 1h / 45m Yr10 Psychology 1h
Yr 10 PE 1h
Tue-21-Jun-22 Yr10 Maths 3of3 1h30m
Yr 10 Comp. Sc.1of2 1h
Thu-23-Jun-22 Yr10 Chemistry 1of2 1h / 45m
Fri-24-Jun-22 Yr10  Physics 1of2 1h / 45m Yr10 English Lang. 1h45m
Mon-27-Jun-22 Yr10 Biology 2of2 1h / 45m Yr10 Latin 2of2 1h Yr10 Geography 1h15m
Yr10 History 1h
Wed-29-Jun-22 Yr10 Philosphy 1h 45m Yr10 Food 45 mins Yr10 Chemistry 2of2 1h / 45m
Thu-30-Jun-22 Yr10 Physics 2of2 1h / 45m Yr10 Com. Sc. 2of2 1h Yr10 English Lit. 1h5m