Physical Education

Stretch and Challenge in PE

There are lots of ways you can stretch yourself further and aim high in PE! Through taking part in extra-curricular clubs and matches, captaining an inter-form sports team or even becoming a Bentley Wood Sports Assistant you can develop your skills as a leader and a role model within sport.

This year there are over 50 students who are part of our stretch and challenge programme in PE. These students do all of the above as well as acting as excellent role models around school. They have been selected due to their commitment, organisation and determination in PE lessons and within extra-curricular sports clubs.

How can I become a role model in PE and develop my skills further?

-We have a wide range of extra-curricular clubs on offer both at lunch and after school

-Once you have attended a club several times you will be given the opportunity to represent our school in fixtures against other schools

-You can volunteer to lead during your PE lessons by leading warm ups, stretches and even small activities!

-We provide many opportunities within PE lessons for you to take on the responsibility of a coach or team leader

-We look for people who are volunteering as sports captains within their form and take on a leadership role during inter-form events

The photograph below was taken during our 2015 Stretch and Challenge trip to Laser Planet! The girls have shown excellent commitment to PE during the last year!

stretch and challenge

How can I develop my skills in PE even further?

Below are a list of local sports clubs in Harrow and the surrounding area. These clubs offer excellent opportunities for young people to improve their skill level in a variety of sports as well as the chance to meet other students who have the same sporting aspirations.

Harrow School of Gymnastics-

Harrow St Mary’s Cricket Club-

Harrow Weald Tennis Club-

Harrow Town Cricket, Hockey and Tennis Club-

Harrow Hockey Club-

Boxing (Ford Fitness)-

Hillingdon Athletics Club-

Barnet Football Club-

Action Netball Club-

Harrow Trampolining-

If there are any additional sports clubs that you would be interested in joining, come and speak to any member of the PE department- we can help you find the right club!

Considering a career in Sport science, Coaching, Teaching or Sports Development?

The Telegraph have compiled a list of the top 5 universities in the UK for these careers:

  1. Northumbria University-
  2. St Mary’s University College, Twickenham-
  3. University of Bath-
  4. University of Stirling-
  5. Brunel University-