Arts and Humanities Strategy

Arts and Humanities Strategy

At Bentley Wood, we believe that engagements with the arts and humanities is essential to support their personal development and expand a student’s understanding of human cultural over time.  as well as supporting a broad and balance curriculum experience. We are proud of our Arts and Humanities Strategy which further ensures all students retain a broad and balance curriculum and engage with a range of experiences in the arts and humanities as they progress through the school.  We believe that engagement with the arts and humanities supports students to achieve their best across their other curriculum subjects.

Students will also benefit beyond school life as through arts and humanities-based education and exposure, they will gain access to wider opportunities that will help them to become more cultured, empathetic and creative individuals.

All students study all arts and humanities-based subjects at Key Stage 3, all students continue to study a humanity and creative subject at GCSE.

Aim of the Strategy:

  • Promote a passion for the Arts and a deeper understanding of different human cultures amongst our students
  • Ensure every student in year 9 attends one enrichment trip connected to the arts and humanities
  • Increase student ‘culture capital’
  • See an increase in student attendance in arts and humanities-based clubs
  • Increase awareness of the arts and humanities in other subject areas
  • Ability of students to make links to the arts and humanities across their curriculum