Statutory Information

Statutory Information

Below are quick links to a range of key statutory documents relating to the school’s performance and
other important aspects which parents and other stakeholders may find useful.

On our School Improvement link we also have full details for our three year strategic vision, current whole school priorities
score. Attainment 8 score and current self-evaluation.

Statutory Information Links to Information
Contact Details; name of school, postal address and telephone number, name of Headteacher, name of Chair of Governing Board, name of member of staff to whom enquiries should be addressed. Contact Us
School Ethos and Values Ethos
The school’s most recent Key Stage 4 results including:

  • Progress 8 score.
  • Attainment 8 score.
  • Percentage of students achieving a good pass in English and Mathematics.
  • Percentage of students entering for the English Baccalaureate.
  • Percentage of students achieving the English Baccalaureate.
  • Percentage of students staying in education or employment
  • after Key Stage 4.
Exam Results
The school’s 16 to 18 results:

  • Progress.
  • Attainment.
  • English and Mathematics progress.
  • Retention.
  • Destinations.
Exam Results
Link to school’s performance tables: Performance Tables
Link to the school’s OFSTED report and relevant documents. Ofsted Report
Admission arrangements for each age group or where they can be found. Information including any over subscription criteria and how to apply for a place.

Sixth Form Admission arrangements.
Sixth Form Open Evening information.

Schools Admissions


Apply to our Sixth Form

School curriculum information for each group by subject, including phonics/ reading schemes and Key Stage 4 courses / Qualifications with relevant external links including OFQUAL. The school’s approach to the curriculum and how more information can be found.
16 to 19 study programme requirements.

Sixth Form Courses

The school’s Pupil Premium strategy considers the main barriers to achievement faced by eligible pupils and how the grant will be spent to address those barriers. It includes:

  • Allocation for the current year, how it will be spent and how the impact will be measured (including the Recovery Premium)
  • How the grant was spent in the previous academic year and the impact.

The date of the next review of the Pupil Premium strategy.
The School`s use of Covid Recovery Funding, considers how the funds were spent in 2021 to 2022 and includes details about the 16-19 Tuition fund and our plans for 2022 to 2023, which are incorporated into the Pupil Premium Strategy Statement.

Pupil Premium and Covid Recovery Page



16-19 Tuition fund page

SEND Information Report.
Full SEN policy can be found on our policies page.
Name and details of SEN Co-ordinator (SENCO).
Policies page
School Behaviour Policy
(including exclusions arrangements and Code of Conduct).
Policies page
Whistleblowing Policy. Policies page
Charging and Remissions policy. Policies page
Anti-Bullying Policy. Policies page
Public Sector Equality Duty: the school’s Equality Objectives. Equality Information and Objectives
Full Equal Opportunities Policy
Accessibility plan including; how the school has increased disabled students’ ability to participate in the curriculum, how the school has improved the physical environment so disabled students can take better advantage of the education, benefits, facilities and services the school offers and how the school has improved the availability of accessible information to disabled students. Policies page
School’s Complaint Procedure. Policies page
Governance Information. The Bentley Wood Trust
The structure and remit of the members, board of trustees, its committees and LGBs, and the names of the chair of each as well as the register of interests. The Bentley Wood Trust
Financial and Legal Information including current memorandum of association, articles of association, funding agreement, annual accounts and annual reports. The Bentley Wood Trust
Trade Union Facility Time Trade Union Facility Time document
Sixth Form Bursary Policy/ Handbook and Application. Sixth Form
Request a paper copy of the information on website. Contact Us page
For information on careers provision Careers page
School uniform information School uniform page