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At Bentley Wood, we have the highest expectations for all students to achieve their best, which underpins curriculum planning. We provide a carefully sequenced curriculum from Year 7 to 13. This is based on gaining knowledge and skills that enable all students to achieve and succeed in their future education and employment. This is underpinned by our values; Communication, Achievement, Respect, Empathy.  Our curriculum reflects the national curriculum and external qualifications, however, goes beyond this by preparing students for exams and tests. Students are well prepared for life in modern Britain and are aware of how they can make a positive contribution to society and understand their local community. The broad and balanced curriculum provides all students the opportunity to study and achieve well and to develop as confident young women:

  •  all students are enabled to develop their literacy and numeracy skills , at an appropriately challenging level, in all subjects across the curriculum
  •  reading is included as a continuous skill development  across all key stages for students of all abilities
  •  students’ oracy skills are developed to enable them to  confidently speak and listen
  •  time is provided for students to practise what they know, to remember and  to deepen their understanding
  •  intellectual curiosity and artistic appreciation is interwoven across all subjects
  • spiritual; moral, social, cultural and physical development are central to our curriculum as part of  developing the whole person



Years 7 & 8

Students follow the National Curriculum subjects. In addition to the core subjects of English, mathematics, science, P.E. R.E. PSHE & RSE, all students study; art, computing, drama, geography, history, a range of modern languages, music and three technology subjects. The core subjects follow a five-year curriculum. We have thought about how we can offer a rich, exciting education for all students in a different way. Students make some choices at the end of Year 8, however, in Year 9 it is not simply about starting GCSEs a year earlier.

Students continue to have a broad and balanced curriculum in the following ways:

  • great breadth and depth of curriculum – for example, all students learn a foreign language and an arts subject
  • the wider curriculum is open to all students, regardless of academic ability, and is taken up by the vast majority
  • no subjects are squeezed out of the KS3 curriculum, which means that students continue to take a range of subjects, including the arts, at KS4

Years 9, 10 & 11

At KS4 we add Business, Latin and Psychology as part of our provision. We are an inclusive community. All students have access to a full GCSE curriculum.

We ensure breadth and balance is maintained with GCSE choices and gives students every opportunity to develop their passion and interests as they grow into mature young women. All students continue to study the core subjects and select each of the following:  a modern foreign language (French, or Spanish), humanity (geography or history) and a creative subject (art, drama, music, technology). Students then select their own subject choice.

In 2021 100% of students studied the EBacc at KS4. This is well established, at least 95% and above have studied the EBacc during the last five years. Creative and practical subjects continue to be popular at KS4. KS4 courses going deeper into content and being broader than just the specifications called for by the exam boards or the national curriculum

Years 12 & 13

At KS5 A level students select four AS levels from over 14 subjects in year 12. This enables them to make an informed choice about the 3 or 4 subjects they want to continue to A2 in year 13. Level 3 BTec Health and Social Care is offered as a vocational route.

The curriculum provides a framework for teaching students in school. The overall purpose is to:

  • provide parity for all groups of students
  • engage students promoting their curiosity and intuitiveness to learn and apply their knowledge and skills in different contexts
  • provide students with a rich and detailed understanding of each subject
  • challenge all groups of students

At Bentley Wood, we all recognise our responsibility of teaching students well through our curriculum. Teachers reflect carefully about how to share their subject knowledge through clearly presented materials that engage and inspire discussion. Lessons are appropriately scaffolded to ensure that all students can achieve the highest standards.

The curriculum in each subject area is sequenced to ensure that students are able to recall prior knowledge and build upon this making connection within and across subjects.  Students will revisit previous learning and be able to show their understanding through activities which require application of prior knowledge. Skills for future learning and employment e.g. team work, listening and speaking, are developed in all areas of the curriculum.

Assessment is at the centre of an effective curriculum. Teachers regularly check work and address misconceptions and gaps in learning to ensure all students’ learning needs are met. They direct students to the next steps in their learning through written and oral feedback.

Students complete homework tasks that reinforce the skills and activities already experienced and prepare them for the next steps in their learning. We support students with our library, which is open from 8am until 5.30pm during the week and on Saturday between 9am and 2pm.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) is promoted across all aspects of school life. Through different experiences students develop an understanding of right and wrong, their responsibility as a citizen and an appreciation of the arts. Most importantly they have respect for each other and adults in and beyond our community.

We consider it is crucial that equal opportunities and fundamental British Values are taught and understood at all levels of curriculum provision. Belonging to an inclusive community who C.A.R.E. is central to learning through the curriculum.

We extend our curriculum further with a rich programme of experiences through trips, additional activities and clubs. There are a wide range of sports teams and clubs linked with subjects like science club and senior and junior choir. Other activities add depth to the curriculum such as debating, mindfulness and digital leading. Weekend and evening pursuits including university access courses, lectures, theatre visits and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Many trips and visits are organised to support and add breadth to the curriculum such as geography field trips, the A level physics visit to Cerne in Switzerland and the MFL / history trips to Spain.

The effectiveness and delivery of our curriculum is reviewed through our half termly monitoring, evaluation and review (M.E.R.) system.

  • all groups of students are able to access the curriculum
  • students contribute positively to their learning
  • students learn well within and beyond the classroom; attendance/participation in enrichment activities is high
  • high rates of progress are delivered by the school for students of all abilities and backgrounds
  • students progress to their next stage  confidently and show commitment to lifelong learning
  • students develop respect for each other and members of the community and have an understanding of how to stay healthy and safe
  • student focus groups consistently feedback about how much they value their teachers

If you would like more information on our board and balance curriculum please contact Mr Robinson by emailing

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