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KS5 | Government & Politics

A Level Politics

Is Politics the subject for you?

If you love to debate, discuss and argue, then Politics is for you! Is the Prime Minister too powerful? Is our Parliament effective? Should we lower the voting age to 16?  Can we ever live in a world without war? Are Universal Human Rights enforceable?

In this subject you will consider all these questions and many more. Politics is suited for you if you have an interest in the world around you. It is not a subject of absolute rights or absolute wrongs. In lessons you will encounter rival viewpoints and competing opinions. The challenge of politics is to develop your own views and conclusions. This means, above all, thinking for yourself.

Course content

In Year 12 students will study two broad themes; ‘UK Politics’ and ‘UK Government’. In Component 1 you will study Democracy and Political Participation, Party Policies and Ideas, Elections and Pressure Groups. In Component 2, you will explore our UK Constitution, Parliament, The Prime Minister, the Supreme Court and the impact of the European Union on the UK. In Year 13 students study Global Politics themes such as globalisation, global governance, human rights, global environmental progress, power, alongside realism and liberalism theories to explain international relations behaviour. You will also explore Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism and Nationalism in great depth.

Methods of study

Students will learn through teacher led sessions as well as student presentations. Discussions and debates will be at the very heart of lessons, so student input is vital to the running of a successful lesson. Students will learn how to critically analyse articles and journals and will also learn to objectively scrutinise political television programmes such as Panorama, Question Time and The Daily Politics Show as well as listening to Westminster Hour on Radio 4. Essay writing practice will be integral to this course; you will learn how to write clear, well-structured essays in order to ensure you achieve your very best in this subject.

How will it be examined?

Year 1 (AS)

  • Paper 1 – UK Politics 1hr 45 mins
  • Paper 2 – UK Government 1hr 45mins

Year 2 (A-Level)

  • Paper 1 – UK Politics and Core Ideologies (Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism) 2hrs
  • Paper 2 – UK Government and Non-Core Ideology (Nationalism) 2hrs
  • Paper 3- Global Politics 2hrs

Career opportunities

According to the official UK statistics, ‘property development, renting, business and research activities’ recruit the highest number of Politics graduates, with ‘public administration, defence, and social services’ second. Politics is particularly useful if you are considering a career in Law, Business/Retail Management, the Media or Civil Service. However, the knowledge and skills which the study of Politics will give you, will be welcomed by any employer. However, do not just consider the usefulness of the subject, you may simply be interested in learning about Politics and attracted by a new challenge.