Stretch and challenge in History

Watching documentaries

Watching a documentary on the topic or period you are studying can give some useful insight.  They introduce you to specialists in the field and show a range of qualifications and Universities the Historians studied at. Documentaries are also great for looking at other areas in History not covered by the curriculum, we don’t have time to study everything!

You can watch documentaries on iPlayer for free http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/categories/documentaries-history/highlights

There is an entire YouTube channel dedicated to documentaries http://www.documentarytube.com/history

Visiting a museum

How many of these museums have you visited?

FREE London Museums

Free these museums may be, but they are all world class and most of them very, very large. They are so large that you may find it a good ploy to make several visits of a couple of hours each.

Many of the museums have evening open hours.

British Museum - Bloomsbury

One of the world's greatest museums of human history and culture. Its collections, which number more than 13 million objects, are amongst the largest and most comprehensive in the world and originate from all continents, illustrating and documenting the story of human culture from its beginning to the present.

British Museum Official Web Site

Imperial War Museum - Lambeth

The terms of reference of the museum cover both world wars and all military operations in which Britain or the Commonwealth have been involved since August 1914. It doesn't glorify war, and certainly covers all aspects including the human and civilian side of warfare.

Imperial War Museum Official Web Site

Museum of London - Barbican

Largest dedicated museum to London, tracing London from its beginnings to modern day. The Museum of London is one of the world's largest urban history museums and cares for over two million objects in its collection.

Museum of London Official Web Site

British Library (Sir John Ritblat Gallery) - St Pancras

Discover some of the world's most exciting and significant books, from Magna Carta and the Gutenberg Bible, to Handel and the Beatles. See the earliest versions of some of the greatest works of English literature, including Alice's Adventures Under Ground and Shakespeare's First Folio.

British Library Official Web Site

Bank of England Museum - Bank

The Bank of England Museum tells the story of the Bank of England from its foundation in 1694 to its role today as the United Kingdom's central bank. The historical displays include material drawn from the Bank's own collections of books, documents, silver, prints, paintings, bank notes, coins and photographs.

There is a display of gold, including Roman and modern gold bars.

Bank of England Museum Official Web Site


Prominent London Museums With Admission Charges

HMS Belfast - Near Tower & London Bridge

One of the most powerful large light cruisers ever built, HMS Belfast is now the only surviving vessel of her type to have seen active service during the Second World War.

Serving Britain for 32 years, she played an important role in both the Second World War and the Korean War as well as performing peacekeeping duties throughout the 1950s and 1960s. The ship is now moored in the Pool of London, London's original dock.

HMS Belfast Official Web Site

Cabinet War Rooms - Off Parliament Square, Whitehall

The underground war rooms where Winston Churchill directed the 2nd World War whilst London was being bombed during the Blitz.

Highlights are some of the most important rooms, including the Map Room, the Cabinet Room and Churchill's bedroom. The Churchill Museum part of the attraction chronicles the life of Winston Churchill.

Cabinet War Rooms Official Web Site

Tower Bridge Experience - Tower Bridge

You can walk across Tower Bridge at all times, but this attraction allows you to go one step further. The Tower Bridge Exhibition is inside the most famous bridge in the world.

Lifts take you high above the traffic deck to the high level walkways where you can take your photographs unobstructed by glass. Another part explores the engine rooms that enable the bridge to lift, (which it still performs today).

Tower Bridge Experience Official Web Site

London Transport Museum - Covent Garden

As its name implies, this museum is all about London's public transport. Highlights at the London Transport Museum is more than 80 road and rail vehicles in its collection representing public transport in the city and its suburban and country areas over the last two centuries, supported by displays to provide history and insight.

London Transport Museum Official Web Site

Have you ever wondered who created each exhibit? Or thought about how they put the collections together? Where do they find the artefacts and how do they know if it’s authentic?


Going to the movies?

Why not chose a historical film?  Currently a film showing in many cinemas is Suffragette, but there are lots of films that come out based on major historical events

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3077214/ - Have a look here to see more about "Suffragette".

history website pic


Going to the theatre?

You will have a chance for just a short time to see Miss Saigon. Currently in its final month at the Prince Edward theatre http://www.princeedwardtheatre.co.uk/ great for students studying Vietnam.