Outreach Opportunities at London Art galleries
Most London art galleries run workshops for students/children of all ages and abilities. Many of them are free and invite you to engage in creative activities from practical workshops, free tours to art history programmes. Follow these links to see current workshops in London.
For those under 12!
Free Sunday drawing activities at the National Gallery -
For all ages – Get creative
Explore your creative side at the National Gallery
Discover the collection from a new perspective with free creative sessions led by artists, poets and National Gallery lecturers.
Saatchi Gallery
Royal Drawing School, Painting Workshops and Art & Drama Workshops. Visit the what’s on page on the Saatchi Gallery website.
Courtauld Institute of Art & Design
This Gallery offers an extensive range of outreach activities geared towards GCSE and A level students. There are lots of free and exciting workshops on. Visit their website: -
You can also visit other websites to find other opportunities:-
National Portrait Gallery
Royal Academy of Arts