1. Revise the GCSE Vocabulary and the Verbs
  2. Revise all your GCSE grammar topics to refresh your memory
  3. Read the background notes about the history, geography and culture of Spain.
  4. Use language based websites to practice your grammar and language skills.
  5. Look at on-line Spanish magazines or newspapers. Watch Spanish TV or films; listen to Spanish radio or songs on-line.

Useful websites:

You can watch live television and news. Register to be able to see Spanish TV series El Internado and Tiempo entre costuras are very popular.

World news in Spanish

Use your own username and password given by your teacher in year 11 to revise vocabulary and grammar.

Grammar and vocabulary (Username:bentleywood/Password:puentes)

Grammar and vocabulary practice

Popular Spanish Online newspaper

Very useful to practise grammar, vocabulary and much more.


A LEVEL Spanish
list of websites for students independent study Search for '4 minutos' within the site and then listen and try to pick out the main stories Listening practice with transcripts Video listening practice with transcripts Listening exercises with exercises in pdf format Superb blog with articles and exercises to accompany them, as well as songs and videos Excellent short audio bites on up-to-the-minute topics, literally on the day they happen Videos and audio on up-to-the minute topics Excellent listening activities with blankfill exercise, transcript and translator tool Excellent listening activiites (with transcript available) Listening activities and vodcasts Great reading exercises Lots of different types of listening exercises on good A level topics Illustrative graphics on a variety of A level topics Spanish newspaper online Euronews in Spanish Word of the day can be hepful, particularly as it gives examples Different activities for different levels Grammar exercises
Trinity grammar pages Grammar exercises Excellent grammar notes Great resources for different levels, including reading comprehension practice, and literature notes and worksheets Brilliant videos on a huge range of topics. Try summarising what they say, for practice Accessible reading and video clips Select Spanish Corpus for series of videos of Spaniards talking about different topics Intercultural education, useful for A2 topics
Punto y coma Listening and reading online Lots of really interesting activities and posts - check out the selections in the side bar Comparative exercises Choose your verb(s) and your tense(s) then practise, practise, practise Songs and exercises