A-Level PE Stretch and Challenge

Below are a list of recommended websites, journals, books and events for you to engage with during your completion of the A-Level PE course in order to develop and extend your knowledge further. We hope that you take full advantage of these opportunities for wider reading and research:


BASES – The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK. Here you will find information on current research in sport and exercise sciences linked to the physiological component of the course (paper 1)

WADA – World Anti-Doping Agency

This website contains information on the anti-doping rules, regulations and policies worldwide including the World Anti-Doping Code. It also reports on current affairs related to drug use in the world of sport around us today

National Governing Body Websites – eg) England Netball

National Governing Body websites allow you to explore information on specific sports linked to your practical performance and evaluation and analysis component of the course. You will find up to date rules, events, competitions, local clubs and courses (including coaching and umpiring/refereeing courses) for you to get involved further and develop your practical grade as much as possible 

Sport England

Here you will find information on the current initiatives and strategies that are being implemented by agencies such as The Youth Sport Trust aimed at getting priority groups such as disadvantaged young people and disabled people active in sport. This will help with the socio-cultural unit of the course.

My PE exam

You can register to my PE exam to access a number of revision resources and materials to support your learning.

BrianMac Sports Coach

This website provides information for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, sports science students and sports coaches on the many topics relating to athletic development, exercise physiology and successful coaching.


  • Sports rule books and coaching guides
  • Sports Biographies/Autobiographies
  • OCR A-Level PE: Book 1 by John Honeybourne, Sarah Powell, 24 Jun 2016,


  • Journal of Sports Sciences
  • Journal of Sport & Social Issues
  • All sports magazines will offer a view on performing, coaching, science, current issues or history of sport(s). They are therefore valuable wider reading material
  • National newspapers. The sports pages report global events and the biggest issues

Live sport

  • Active involvement in a sports club or team is essential.
  • Go to live sports fixtures and events – this is fun and may help your grades!

Further Education

Here you find a rankings table of the Universities that offer Sport Science courses