Classics Week

Students are immersed in various activities

Classics Week














Bentley Wood had its first ever Classics week this year and it was a jam-packed week for all year groups! Students were inspired and enriched with thought provoking material throughout the week via the enrichment channel, wise thoughts and year group assemblies. There were also some events in the week where students could either test their knowledge on all things ancient, or see how good their engineering skills were.

Monday saw the Year 7s trying to build the Roman Colosseum out of biscuits. It was Venerable Bede who said that as long as the Colosseum stands, Rome will stand and although Rome was crumbling many times over the challenge, one group managed to ensure their Colosseum stood the test of time.

They were Sohini M, Shehnai S,  Dhriya K,  Sona H .

Tuesday was the Classics quiz for years 7, 8, and 9. The Quiz hostess was Mariam S, our Latin ambassador for Year 9 and she created a set of questions that tested knowledge of the Olympians, Latin vocabulary and the Roman empire. Thursday was the turn of our sixth form students and staff members for a quiz on all things ancient. Mr Curtis and Ms Azad were part of some of the teams as they were quizzed on ancient monuments, cities and even pop music with references to the Greeks and Romans!

There will be more Classics events in the summer term. Until then, carpe diem!

Ms Hussain