Greek Summer Tragedies

Drama and Classics presented

Greek Summer Tragedies

Greek Theatre Summer Festival 30th June 2022

Bentley Wood High School for Girls is set in beautiful grounds evocative of the forests of Greece; the stage was already set for the school’s first Greek theatre summer festival.

Our cast was made up of Year 9 and 12 students who demonstrated the CARE values in abundance.  They communicated ideas and through this, achieved a strong bond as a band of actors. They respected each other’s strengths and supported each other throughout weeks of preparation. They empathised with characters from a distant past and brought them to life for our modern audience of over 100 guests! Finally, they achieved success on show night and filled the grounds with the magic and mystery of Greek tragedy.

The cast participated in a 3 hour workshop run by Mark Katz, from the production company ‘actors of Dionysus’, they worked closely with Mr Rankin on understanding their role as a chorus and lead actors met with me for script readings to fine tune their understanding and delivery of dialogue.

Mr Iain Rankin, Head of Drama was an indispensable and inspiring figure in this production; the school are incredibly lucky to have such a visionary on their staff. I cannot wait to work with him again to create a new space for our students to express their creativity and bring the ancient world to life.

We hope you can join us for our next festival.

‘to learn is to be forever young, however old’ –  Aeschylus

Miss Hussain

Head of Classics