Newsletter April 2022

April 2022


Dear parents/carers

We have come to the end of another busy and fulfilling term. You will continue to see that the girls have been involved in many activities beyond the classroom. This is a very important part of their education. Please do encourage your daughter to attend one of the many clubs here in the school. There have been trips for year groups this academic year, which have been highly valued by students and staff. The lockdown has certainly made us appreciate visits and outings.  If your daughter has not been on a trip yet, please do not worry, our aim is for every student to go on a trip before the end of the academic year. We will be having our Activity Days on the 19th and 21st July 2022, Sports Day is on 20th July. There will be trips during Activity Days.

We are pleased with how well the girls are learning across the curriculum. They have quickly caught up with any learning that they missed last year due to the lockdown. They also have a very positive attitude towards learning. The girls have excellent relationships with their teachers and support staff and show great respect. This respect is mutual and leads to a positive learning community.

Do enjoy reading the newsletter. Be very proud of your daughters. They are fantastic. We genuinely value our time together and really care about their individual development and achievement. I do hope you have noted down the dates of different events next term. It would be great to see every parent/carer during the summer term.

Enjoy this spring break. Please encourage years 11,12 & 13 to attend their revision/exam preparation meetings. The teachers have a lot to share from the exam boards about the exams.

As always, thank you for your continued great support.

My very best wishes to you all

Janice Howkins
Dr Janice Howkins OBE