Newsletter Dec 2020

December 2020


Dear parents, carers and families

We have reached the end of term and continue to congratulate the girls on how well they have returned to school. It has been of no surprise to us that the girls have shown their great strength and resilience. Across the world there are challenges with the pandemic. While the girls have also been faced with challenges they have not lost sight of their education. The girls throughout the term have been so focussed on learning. They have also shown their appreciation for the teaching they receive. Throughout the term I believe we have become even stronger as a Bentley Wood family.

Years 11, 12 and 13 have been working hard for their important Mock examinations. Year 13 have completed their exams. Year 11 are coming towards the end of their first set of Mocks and Year 12 are preparing for their exams in January. We are pleased that they are taking these examinations very seriously. It is very clear from the government that there will be GCSE, AS and A level examinations in June.

We have managed to organise enrichment activities for the girls. You will see the articles on these throughout this Newsletter. It is great how the girls have been involved in many different activities. This is a very important part of their education.

Stay safe and take care.

Dr Janice Howkins