Newsletter July 2022

July 2022


Dear parent/carers

We end our year with a lot to celebrate. You will see in our bumper newsletter that we have resumed all of our activities this academic year. We know that this has been of great benefit to the girls. The external GCSE and A level exams have also taken place. We are delighted that Years 11, 12 and 13 have been able to show their learning and knowledge in public examinations. We look forward to their results in August.

Throughout the year we monitor teaching and learning on a half termly basis. We have continued to see a well-planned curriculum consistently being delivered in all subjects. Students have fed back very positively about how much they know and remember as a result of their well sequenced learning. Overwhelmingly students also tell us that they feel safe in the school and have been taught in detail about how to stay safe. This is especially when they are using technology. Ensuring that students are safe in and outside of school underpins everything we do.

Enrichment is a very important part of learning at Bentley Wood. Every student in the school has been involved in at least 3 days plus of enrichment activities this year as well as going to clubs, charity work and taking on leadership responsibilities. You will see examples of these activities on the pages to follow.

Following sixteen and a half years at the school, I am also leaving Bentley Wood. I am moving on to do more inspections and education consultancy work. I can honestly say that my years at Bentley Wood have been the best in my long teaching career. The high expectations, CARE values and great team work across our whole school community and beyond are things that I have valued during my tenure.

I thank the Chair of Governors, Andy Lewis and the Governing Body for their great work and support. My sincere thanks to parents and carers. I could not have wished for kinder people, particularly during the more challenging times of lockdown. You have also sent very kind messages in the last few weeks. I will miss you all.

Huge thanks go to the great team of Bentley Wood staff. I couldn’t do my job without them. They work so hard and are very committed to the girls.  Colleagues always go ‘that extra mile’ to ensure the girls achieve their best. I also say thank you to the girls for working so hard, being respectful and an absolute delight to be with. We are a Bentley Wood Family, I appreciate how lucky I have been to be with such wonderful girls and colleagues. The last few weeks in particular will be times that I will treasure for life.

I have been very fortunate to work with our three deputy headteachers; Mrs Akbar, Mr Patel and Mr Viala for fifteen years. Together we have ensured that the school has remained outstanding. I am delighted that Mr Patel has become Head of Pinner High School from September. I am equally delighted that Mrs Akbar will be Headteacher at Bentley Wood in September. Mr Viala and Mr Robinson will be her two Deputy Headteachers. I know the school will go from strength to strength.

I have lived in Harrow for thirty years plus and will continue to live here. I value being part of our great Harrow community. I am sure I will bump in to some of you. Please do always say hello.

My very best wishes and thanks  to you all.

Stay safe & take care.

Dr Janice Howkins OBE
Head teacher Bentley Wood High School