Newsletter May 2021

May 2021


Dear Parents, Carers

We continue to be very impressed with how the girls are working. We regularly look in their books, as part of whole school monitoring, and have seen very high standards of work. The girls have also fed back to us that they are enjoying their learning. They feel they are developing their knowledge and skills well.

As part of our monitoring we have recently met with all of Year 9 students and have been very impressed with the work they have done in Digital and Face to Face school. This is a very good start with their GCSE Options.

Years 11, 12 and 13 have taken their May tests very seriously. We are very pleased with close to 100% attendance. Year 11 return on 7th June for an enrichment week followed by a careers week and finally Sixth Form bridging week.

On the front page of this newsletter you will see how well Year 7 have settled back into school. They are enjoying their lessons and their enrichments activities, including planting sunflowers.

Year 8 have been very mature in their approach to choosing their GCSE options and are continuing to work very hard.

Dr Janice Howkins