The Wizard of Oz

The wonderful production of The Wizard of Oz


My name is Jayna and I am playing Dorothy in the school Production of Wizard of Oz. I really en-joyed how all of the rehearsals were fun and just the general atmosphere when rehearsing. I loved to see the performance come together from October all the way to the production in Febru-ary. From learning dance choreography and songs to practicing all of my lines I feel that overall it was a success when it got put altogether.

Jayna P 10ABI

The Wizard of Oz is an amazing production that shows us the true meaning of “there is no place like home.”. My perspective of playing Dorothy is that she is lively and sweet character – she makes many friends whilst she is over the rainbow, helping her get back to Kansas; the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Glinda the Good Witch of the North, and the Wizard of Oz; but she makes a “rather bad enemy of the Wicked Witch of the West” along the way. Bringing Dorothy’s character to life was certainly a challenge, but I believe this has paid off. We began the production in October-November and the shows are on the Wednesday to Friday from the 7th -9th of February. The whole cast has put so much effort into the production and I have thoroughly enjoyed every mo-ment of it.

Ayva P 9THA

Tin Man

When I learned that our school production would be “The Wizard of Oz” this year, my enthusiasm reached new heights. Auditioning for the role of the Tin Man, a character close to my heart, filled me with excitement. Earning the part, I dedicated myself to mastering lines, songs, and dances, immersing myself in the essence of the Tin Man’s journey. Much like the character, I found myself yearning for a deeper connection. During rehearsals, I not only embraced the Tin Man’s quest for a heart but infused my own personality into the character, making him dance with a unique flair. The joy of being the Tin Man, both on and off stage, brought a sense of fulfilment, creating lasting bonds with my fellow cast members. As the performances draw near, I eagerly anticipate the mag-ic we’ll bring to the stage, but I’ll undoubtedly miss the camaraderie with the cast and the guidance of the dedicated teachers who have played a vital role in making this production unforgettable.

Shadia M 9SSH


Being Toto in a way was life changing. Dogs are loved a lot by their owners, and I wish I could have that feeling of affection. The rehearsals were a bit hectic but that’s what makes an incredible show! Learning lines was a challenge for everyone no matter their species. People may say I have it easy but if you think about it, there are many cues and certain actions that have to occur. At the first couple of rehearsals, I always used to wonder if we were even able to accomplish it. What happens if we aren’t ready? However, today’s rehearsal sailed smoothly and I’m confident we will entertain our audience properly. Wizard of Oz was a really fun experience because you felt like a team as you worked together with everyone which in the end creates a masterpiece. I think the teachers have worked extremely hard to make this imagination come to life!

Faryal 7SZ

Wicked Witch

Playing the Wicked Witch has been really fun and interesting. She’s not only an evil character, but a manipulative one, with power and style as she forms plans and schemes to get what she wants. The most fun part of experimenting with the character was the voice and how she interacts with the other characters: having an air of superiority, almost being subtly evil when she talks to Doro-thy but then revealing pure anger when things don’t go her way. Cackling at the munchkins and being a frightening character has definitely been fun. Overall, getting to know the witch and be-come her has been awesome and I’ve greatly enjoyed the opportunity!

Khushi D 8MD


Being part of the Wizard of Oz production is an amazing opportunity. I am a munchkin in the pro-duction, and it is so fun. I love how this brings people together. Everyone supports each other. I would definitely recommend you come and watch this engaging performance. It’s going to be great!

Dayana B 7EBD 

When I found out we were doing ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ as our school production, I was very excited and keen to audition! I loved attending all the rehearsals and seeing the show come together, as well as connecting with all of the cast members. I will be incredibly sad when the show finishes, but I will forever treasure the memories that we have made together as a family.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, but we couldn’t have done it without all of the teachers and team supporting us every step of the way. Mr Rankin for his wise tips and dedication, Mrs Bancroft who helped us succeed in everything we wanted to achieve and for always keeping us on our toes :), Mrs Parkes for helping backstage and giving us that extra push of confidence, Mrs Burridge for helping us take care of ourselves throughout the months leading up to the show and of course, Ms Bidder for all her tips and all of the sixth formers for taking time out of their studies and helping us be organised on and off stage! I am so grateful for to all of them!

Emma A 8LSB.

It’s been a wonderful experience- the cast is amazing and they all helped create this wonderful show. I’ve enjoyed every rehearsal and practice I’ve been too as everyone was engaging, interesting and added a new perspective towards the story. It’s been a great journey and to see all of it come together in the end is mesmerising. I am also truly grateful for all the teachers who have helped make this play happen – I am definitely trying out next year too!

Abdia M 8LSB