Students interact with

tropical rainforest animals

ZooLab popped in to see Year 8 students this half term. They are an ethically responsible organisation that uses rescued pets, or those that are bred in captivity, to demonstrate the wonderful attributes of some species that have adapted to living in Tropical Rainforests. Students had fun time learning about animal adaptations and made specific links to the rainforest environment ahead of their learning in Geography lessons. The key objectives were:

  • Define tropical rainforest
  • Determine the locations of tropical rainforests
  • Explore the forest floor, under storey, canopy and emergent layer
  • Discuss adaptations of rainforest animals

Students had the opportunity to hold some of the fascinating creatures and interact with the speaker, whilst learning. The session allowed them to consider which layer of the rainforest the animal thrived in and how it survived. Animals included: Giant African Snails; Tarantulas; Corn Snakes; Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches; Millipedes; Scorpions; Tree Frogs and even a Gerbil!

Needless to say, the interaction was delightful and scary for some, but it was fantastic to see so many students challenge themselves and get involved.