Name Date File Size  
Accessibility Plan 09th Oct 2019417 KB Download
Admissions Policy 2019 - 2020 22nd May 2018398 KB Download
Admissions Policy 2020-2021 19th Aug 2019397 KB Download
Allegations of Abuse Against Staff 15th May 2018597 KB Download
Anti-Bullying Policy 15th May 2018428 KB Download
Assessment Policy 17th Jan 2019437 KB Download
Attendance and Puctuality Policy 19th Sep 2019525 KB Download
Behaviour and Exclusions Policy 28th May 2019622 KB Download
British Values Statement 15th Mar 2018558 KB Download
Bursary Policy 05th Jul 2019360 KB Download
BWT - Data Protection Policy 18th Jul 2019768 KB Download
BWT - Freedom of Information Policy 18th Jul 2019298 KB Download
BWT - Freedom of Information Publication 18th Jul 2019323 KB Download
Careers Guidance and Inspiration Policy 30th Apr 2019335 KB Download
Charging and Remission Policy 22nd Nov 2018451 KB Download
Child Protection Policy and Procedures 17th Oct 2019803 KB Download
Complaints Policy 18th Jul 2019392 KB Download
Curriculum Policy 12th Jun 2019391 KB Download
Data Protection Policy with GDPR (Includ... 10th Oct 2018547 KB Download
English as Additional Language including... 15th May 2018487 KB Download
Equality Information and Objectives 07th Mar 2019955 KB Download
Feedback and Marking Policy 17th Jan 2019630 KB Download
Health and Safety Policy 18th Jul 2019671 KB Download
Home School Agreement 19th Sep 2019415 KB Download
Homework Policy 17th Jan 2019415 KB Download
Inclusion Policy 29th Nov 2018647 KB Download
IT Policy 09th May 2019525 KB Download
Most Able Student Policy 19th Sep 2019367 KB Download
Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation... 16th May 20191 MB Download
Provider Access Policy 07th Mar 2019385 KB Download
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 16th May 2019614 KB Download
Reward System 15th May 2018396 KB Download
Supporting Students with Medical Conditi... 09th Oct 20192 MB Download
Young Carers Policy 13th Mar 2019476 KB Download